I would like to take this unique opportunity to offer you one of motor sports most favourite forms of entertainment – Jet Car Racing. It’s a great way to turn a low spectator meeting into a real crowd attracting event.

Jetcars are more than just exciting. Their unique and massive flame throwing abilities, ear drum blowing “pops” and “blasts” and 290mph passes in 5-seconds are a testament to that! With 6,500 pounds of thrust and rpm’s in excess of 6,000, there is nothing like two of these jet cars going down the track side by side.

We have put together two brand new identical state-of-the-art Jet Cars. Both jetcars run with the famous Pratt & Whitney J60 motors. When building the jetcars from the ground up, it was our intention to build them for good, clean match racing with side by side action being the most important criteria. Our aim is to attend events and put on three spectacular paired runs in front of a massive paying crowd.

With that in mind, we will only attend each race track a maximum twice per year and will only commit to overall Australia wide bookings of 15 events per year in total.

For 1/8th mile tracks that cannot afford this, we are willing to negotiate a “shared gate takings” deal on a long term 3 x 3 partnership arrangement. Please call us for a more detailed prospectus on this.

Also on offer, until our sponsorship gap is complete, is the unique opportunity for you to provide either one or both jetcars per event sponsorship deal. Both jetcars will have main side “real estate” available per meet. It could be a great way to off-set the cost of running the jetcars for the track.

For even greater spectator entertainment, we also offer static displays with a “fire & smoke” show – please contact us for pricing. To take the next step please email your interest and questions to or contact us through our facebook page;


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