Darren Difilippo

Age: 45
Hometown: Melbourne, AUS
Day job: Director of DPE
Driving history: Top Fuel Dragster ANDRA Racing 1994 – current

Bio: Darren is the son of renowned Top Fuel racer Charlie Di Filippo and first got behind the wheel of the family’s immaculately prepared and potent Top Fuel dragster in 1994.

In early 1995, Darren made the first big step in his rise to being one of the sport’s leading stars. Amongst the likes of Jim Read, Graeme Cowin, Glen Mikes and Rachelle Splatt to name a few, Darren made the final round in his first ever Australian Top Fuel Series appearance.

History will go to show that Darren’s career to date has been a great success and will continue to be so with the young star of the sport presenting a professionalism that rivals the greatest that Australia’s veterans in this demanding sport, have ever had to offer.

Peter Bedford

Age: 37
Hometown: Melbourne, AUS

Originally from Seattle, WA, USA

Day Job: Refrigeration Mechanic

Bio: Peter Bedford is relatively new to Jet Car Racing, but has years of experience in Drag Racing, crewing for the Di Filippo Top Fuel Race Team. Mid 2012, Peter  attended the Ken Low Drag Racing School and immediately after started the accreditation for his Jet Car Licence. Peter now lives in Australia full time with his wife, daughter and his son.

Wayne Stewart

Age: 42

Hometown: Melbourne Aus

Day Job: Manager at DPE performance exhausts

Bio: Wayne has many years of experience in the racing world, he has been a long standing

crew member of the Di Filippo Family top fuel dragster and the jetcars.com.au race teams.

Besides drag racing experience, wayne raced from 2009 till 2011 as a navigator in a V8

Jet sprint boat in the unlimited class. Once the Triple engine Jet truck is up and running,

Wayne will immediately start the process of licensing.

Crew Members (The back bone of the team)

Charlie Difilippo;

Charlie over sees the day to day running of the cars along with Darren. With his many years experience in drag racing he’s more involved with the safety & technical side of the cars.

Matt Simpson;

Matt is a lift mechanic/A grade electrician by day, jet car crew member by night. Matt packs the parachutes and general maintenance between rounds at the track. he also has his very useful hands at work building and maintaining our cars back at the race shop.


Mick Green;

Mick is a welder for DPE performance exhausts by day, his specialty is inspecting the tail pipes on the cars and looking for and finding cracks. he’s also does general all round maintenance on cars, and helps with the building process of the cars.

Michael Cartisano (aka Junior, aka 5mm)

Michael (aka junior) is our youngest crew member. Michael takes care of re fueling the cars at the race track, and general all round maintenance of the cars


 Our crew members put in many volunteered hours of hard work to get our cars to the race track! each member contributes in there own way, and without there on going dedication we could not do what we love………Thanks guys